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PfP releases annual report for 2016/17

Did you know that in the 2016/2017 financial year, Partners for Possibility recruited 177 business leaders and delivered 26,550 hours of professional services to schools in its network?

This and other highlights are listed in its most recent annual report for the 2016/2017 financial year. In the report, PfP highlights how it added 177 schools to its network in the financial year, bringing its total network to 573. This network has grown even further and soon, PfP will host a celebration to welcome its 700th school to the network.

Other highlights from the financial year include the 155,972 learners who have been reached and the 4,650 teachers who benefitted from the fact that their schools are on the programme.

While there are many more highlights, PfP continues to face many challenges, which include recruiting more business leaders to join the programme and partner with school principals and finding additional sources of unrestricted funding to support the schools on the network.

To view the Annual Report, please click here.  


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