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  • Welcome to Oceans View School for LSEN Blog. Here you can read all the latest developments of Farida and Ivanna's partnership.

Oceans View School for LSEN Oceans View LSEN celebrate Madiba Day

Oceans View School for LSEN was a hub of activity 18th of July as parents and community members of Ocean View turned out in heaps and bounds and devoted their time to beautifying the school.

In a joint venure with Capella House in Kommetjie, of which Ivanna Graneli is a part ower of, the Ocean View LSEN hosted one of their most successful community events yet.

“It was an enlightening experience for the entire school. This is the first time that we have partnered with another school and our learners thoroughly enjoyed it. It created new opportunities which they previously have never been exposed to,” Farida Williams, Principal of Oceans View said.

30 November -1, 00:00

Oceans View School for LSEN Ocean View one step closer to new school building

Most of South Africa’s children with disabilities live in poverty. Not only are they faced with the daily challenges of their impairment, but also the neglect and suffering associated with need.
Ivanna Granelli, who has been partnered with Farida Williams, principal of Ocean View School for Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSEN), has come to realise just how difficult daily life is for children with disabilities.
Ivanna experienced feelings of guilt at living a life of privilege close to a community plagued by deprivation, and saw the Partner for Possibility Programme as a way of giving back.
Little did she know that the insight she gained from working with Farida and the community of Ocean View would prove to be more meaningful than she could have imagined.

30 November -1, 00:00


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