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Stoneridge Primary School Stoneridge Primary launches anonymous tip-off line

Most businesses and government departments have an SMS line for employees to report instances of fraud, theft or corruption.

A similar service is now available to all schools which will enable parents and learners to anonymously report cases of bullying, drug abuse etc.

The SMS line also serves as a communication channel between the school and parents.
Learners are usually aware of immoral behaviour long before the school management team are, but are too afraid that they will be bullied or harassed if the perpetrators were to find out that they reported it.

The anonymous tip-off line provides the perfect solution to overcome this challenge.

The application is an SMS to email facility and is housed in a secure environment whereby only the sender and intended recipient are able to read the message. The messages are converted to email without the sender’s details, which are immediately deleted.

30 November -1, 00:00


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