School @ the Centre of Community

Executives Back to School (and the Principal's office) for a day

A leadership development through immersion experience.
For courageous conscious leaders who care about education in South Africa and who would like an opportunity
to gain insight into the issues in education first hand. This brief immersion experience will allow executives to
experience and sense the daily realities faced by their counterparts in the South African education system.
Offered by the team that delivers the award winning Partners for Possibility Leadership Development and
Principal Support programme and powered by Sphere Holdings.
• Do you care about improving the quality of education in South Africa?
• Do you really know what goes on at our schools?
• Have you ever thought about what it must be like to be a principal of an under-resourced school?
• Do you think your CSI team understand the ‘education divide’?
This is an opportunity for busy executives to spend a day with the Principal, teachers and learners of an under-resourced school to understand their challenges first-hand.


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