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Our Brand Journey: What It Means To Be a Citizen Leader

South Africa has a history of inequality, poverty and high unemployment. These challenges can only be solved through conscious, capacitated and well-supported leadership working across traditional boundaries and through public-private partnerships.

Our work

Citizen Leader Lab develops and empowers private and public sector leaders to catalyse positive change in their communities – building social cohesion and working towards achieving a just society.

Based on its distinctive theory of change and learning methodology, the organisation partners leaders in business with their peers in the public sector and takes them through a structured leadership development process that includes reciprocal, action-based and formal learning. Leaders from schools and other public sectors are beneficiaries to new leadership styles and practices, and can benefit from the social capital of their business leader partners who share their knowledge, experience and networks.



Our brand identity

Our name and logo reflect who we are and what we do; Citizen leaders in reciprocal learning partnerships – diverse yet united by a common vision to bring positive change to their workplaces and communities and to strengthen social cohesion and justice.

We use the word “Lab” in our name because a lab is a place of learning, experimentation, and exploration. The labs we talk of are not buildings per se. They are out there in the countless complex environments that make up our country:

  • A public school becomes a lab where solutions for intractable issues within schools and their communities are sought and found
  • A community hall becomes a lab where the gifts and talents of community members are pooled for the common good.
  • A hospital, a municipality, a waste management centre: these all become labs where leaders work together to create the change they wish to see in their environment.

On an individual level, becoming ethical, competent, conscious citizen leaders is about the evolution of our hearts and minds, labs where we never stop learning and growing.

Which leads to our strapline – an acronym of the word Lab:




As we Learn these leadership lessons, we begin to Act differently – in ways that catalyse positive change in our communities and across society. In doing so, we Become the change we want to see in their world, and the world becomes a better place for all.

The ethos of our brand:

Over 13 years, our organisation has become known for its professionalism, innovation, and its ability to mobilise the best talent and resources to ensure that we catalyse positive change in environments where no change seems possible.

Bodies of independent research and global recognition on many platforms have served to validate that the leadership development methodologies that we have developed are powerful, replicable, and sustainable.


How will you LEARN ACT BECOME? If our brand journey resonates with you, drop us a mail at to discover how you can walk this journey with us.