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Bergville Primary Bergville Primary Crafts Their Future


The entire staff of Bergville Primary (14 in total) got together on Saturday 2 February 2013 at UWC to help craft a future for the school. 
This strategy session was sponsored by Coronation and facilitated by Brian Howe of Ecaps Consulting. 
Together, the team built a very simple One Page Strategic Plan using the ec@ps methodology. It was extremely exciting for all involved and laughter, claps and cheers rang out throughout the day.
"We all learnt to put our differences aside in order to agree on a common vision, a collective set of values, mutual critical success factors and goals," said Brian, who has been Partner for Possibility to Abdul for the past seven months. 

The staff of Bergville Primary mapping out their vision together with Principal Abdul Aleem and Brian Howe

Bergville now boasts a new inspiring vision: Bergville Primary will be the Heart Beat of the Community where learners feel Safe in a Healthy learning environment and are stimulated Holistically to deliver strong Leaders for the future.
More information about this planning process can be found on the ec@ps web site
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