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Blackheath Primary School African Bank Launches Footy Project at Blackheath Primary

30 November -1, 00:00

Blackheath Primary School Blackheath Primary pupils clean up canal

A 250-strong team of environmental enthusiasts consisting of Grade 7 learners, teachers, PenBev employees and local community members gathered at the Blackheath Community Centre on Saturday morning, 1 June 2013, to show their support for a cleaner, greener community.

The participants were treated to music, dance and fun activities during the "Drain to Ocean" educational presentation by the City of Cape Town, where the effects of dumping and littering were explained. The students were given a safety talk on how to collect the litter and what types of hazardous material should not be collected. After the talk, learners were accompanied by WasteWise and PenBev representatives to collect gloves and bags for cleaning the canal of all unsightly litter and waste. The learners excelled in the environmental education initiative and enjoyed making a noticeable difference within their community.

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30 November -1, 00:00


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