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Capricorn Primary Capricorn learns to lead beyond authority

When Siddieka Hassen, Principal of Capricorn Primary School in Muizenburg, decided to host a team building session for her staff – she did it with a difference. She approached her trusted Partner for Possibility (PfP), Melanie Burke, to host a session themed Leading Beyond Authority. 

Melanie has been a Senior Programme Director at Common Purpose for four years. Common Purpose helps people succeed by broadening the horizons of their leaders and developing their ability to work together to lead complex change. 

“The activities were aimed at exploring personal leadership styles and ways of collaborating. The whole team, including ground and admin staff, participated,” Melanie explains. 
“The initial purpose of this session was to rejuvenate the staff towards the end of the year, we all gained so much more,” says Siddieka. “We are still feeling the effects on a day-to-day basis. The staff is so enthusiastic and inspired now.”
The aim of the team building session was to help the staff discover a different set of perceptions, skills and talents to further their leadership development. This encourages broader vision and the ability to operate across diverse worlds. 
“People who lead beyond their authority can produce change beyond their direct circle of control. 
But the world is changing and leaders must change with it,” explains Melanie.
30 November -1, 00:00


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