Boikgantsho Primary School Reading Programme


The Reading Programme at Boikgantsho Primary School formally started during August 2013. It is the product of the reading programmes that have been running in the school’s classrooms.

The school decided to escalate this initiative- learners now have to participate in loud reading every Friday morning. This takes place in full view of other learners and educators at the School Assembly. Several educators are deployed on a rotational basis to assist in the adjudication process.

On a monthly basis, reading champions from different classes (grade 1 to grade 7) compete for the “Grade Reading Championship”. These monthly champions (one per grade) then receive floating sashes and a pin with their specific grade indicated on it, which they can keep. They wear the sashes for the whole month until the next reading champion gets crowned.  

“These prizes are being sponsored by our PfP, Annemien Victor, from VIP SAGE. It is such an important event that Annemien blesses our ceremony with her presence and presentation of prizes,” says Principal, Abé Kobo.

At the end of the year during the school’s Annual Prize Giving, a junior/intermediate/senior phase learner will be crowned as the reader of the year based on the Loud Reading criteria that are listed below.  Both the learner and their parents will receive a prize. Parents are incentivised with a cash prize to ensure their involvement in their child’s reading.


The Reading Programme entails all the Loud Reading criteria:

1.    Book handling
2.    Posture
3.    Audibility
4.    Pronunciation
5.    Fluency
6.    Punctuation
7.    Phrasing
8.    Eye Contact
9.    Pace
10.  Confidence


According to Abé, the objective of the programme is to create a culture of reading by involving educators, parents, and the society around the community. He says that, “It is the school’s dream to have enough reading material for all children to read up to 10 books per month.”

To encourage all learners to read, the school has also introduced a colour pin for the amount of books read per month. In this manner, every learner at the school can participate in the Reading Programme and learners can encourage each other to read as many books as possible. 


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