C.L. Willmot Heroes

Many advances are being made at C.L. Willmot Primary School and this is partially due to the establishment of the C.L Willmot Heroes. This initiative is co-ordinated by Partner for Possibility to Principal Mornay Adams, Andrew Cardoza.

The Heroes are parents and community members who feel that it is necessary for the children in their community to have positive role-models.  A few of the heroes do not have children at the school, and some, like Brandon Arendse, do not have any children of their own. He explained that his involvement in the school stemmed from his passion for working with children and in the community and that as a hero, he believes that, “Your child is my child”.

The heroes have been actively involved in bettering the school environment and often have fundraisers for the school. They have also formed a ‘block watch’ to promote safety in their neighbourhood.

The school’s Renovation Day on Mandela Day this year, was co-ordinated by the heroes, one hero even took leave from work in order to be at the school.  Activities on the day included the raising of the school’s new South African flag, after which the volunteers got to work on the various tasks that had been set out for the day.

Volunteers from several other organisations were present too and each contributed in a meaningful way. Motivational quotes were beautifully painted on the walls of the school staff room and a stage was built for the school hall. The school’s new counselling room was also given attention to. A donation of books to the school library was sorted and the steps in the grade R stairway were painted.

There was a registration area on the day, which all visitors and volunteers had to report to. From this area, the Heroes ran a tuck shop of which all the profits generated will go to the school.

30 November -1, 00:00