Cape Stationery Supports PfP

Brian Howe is, in his own words, “a proud Partner for Possibility”.  He completed the Partners for Possibility (PfP) Programme in 2013. During this time, Brian became well-acquainted with the challenges that schools, learners and parents face. One of the challenges he identified, is that most learners are unable to afford good quality stationery. Brian then came up with a creative solution to address this problem.

Operating from his current offices in Westlake, where he also runs his strategy business, Brian has successfully managed to set up Cape Stationery as a “virtual” stationery re-seller. By putting in his own resources and time, Brian keeps costs down.  He also uses his business experience to negotiate better prices from the wholesaler, meaning that he can offer quality products to parents, learners and schools at affordable prices.

In addition, a percentage of Cape Stationery’s profit will go towards sponsoring a Partnership in the PfP Programme. Since the start of Brian’s initiative in November 2013, over R9 000 has been raised for PfP.

“The amazing design of this initiative allows for schools who have benefited from this incredible programme to ‘pay it forward’,” says Brian, “simply by buying stationery through us they are helping to support the same programme that has changed their schools and lives for the better.”

Any school or business that is involved in PfP is eligible to help raise funds for PfP by purchasing stationery from Cape Stationery. Please visit their website - - to learn more about this wonderful initiative!


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