Cape Town: Teacher Support & Well-being (building effective teams)

Thursday, 14th May 2015, saw our third installment of CoLP in Cape Town take place at the University of the Western Cape. Our speakers; Andre Pretorius, George Phipps and Jamaaludeen Khan were ready to express their views on the best way to garner Teacher Support and to enusre Teacher well-being in our school system.

What was interesting about this CoLP was that each speaker addressed the theme from their individual perspective, which was welcomed by ferocious note-taking and nodding heads by the audience of school principals and other education-sector workers in attendance.

Andre Pretorius, principal at Heathfield Primary School, touched on all the training and methodologies he has learned over the years and how this has added to his leadership style today.

George Phipps, a mentorship expert, spoke to the importance of mentorship and how this can be applied to the school system.

In closing, Jamaaludeen Khan gave a talk that had the audience enthralled. He gave us a leadership methodology that can be retraced in his presentation available below.


Andre Pretorius

George Phipps

Jamaaludeen Khan


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