CoLP 2014 end of year function



2014 was wrapped up with a bang for the principals in Cape Town. The 2014 end of year CoLP saw the principals receive an inspiring talk by Braam Malherbe,  recognition for the hard work they had carried out during the year and loads of surprises.


The speaker, Braam Malherbe left the crowd inspired with the topic “The ‘I’ in team”. His talk delivered lessons based on his adventures in the icy blizzards of Antartica and the scorching heat and dust storms of the Gobi desert. In all of his tales he mentioned the lessons that can be learnt from previous teams that had traversed the Arctic and from his own team. One of the major lessons being the way one views a problem. He encouraged the principal with statements that were aimed at changing the way they view challenges such as “ Where there is a problem there is an equal opportunity for a solution” and “Success comes with purpose beyond ego.”


Braam Malherbe


 After Braam's discourse, PfP representative Merlinda Abrahams went on to address the crowd, thanking them for their participation at the event and their willingness to aid in the mammoth task of improving the quality of education in South Africa. She mentioned some of the big Partners for Possibility achievements of 2014 such as the 54 new partnerships that had been launched that year and the 66 other partnerships that were to be launched in Gauteng in the near future.


Merlinda Abrahams


Merlinda then guided the guests through the festivities and surprises especially prepared for the CoLP VIPs, the principals. First to be recognised were the principals who had attended the most CoLPs in 2014.The grand prize went to Geoff Van Der Voort, of Hottentots-Holland High School, who attended the most CoLPs in 2014, while Babini Fatyela, Bernard Simons, Claire Paulse, Imtiaz Adams, Marius November, Kevin Sonn and Terrence Timmet also won awards for being consistent attendees. Next were the  Spot prizes, including luxury Lindor chocolates and Woolworths vouchers to the value of R1000 that were handed out to random principals in attendance. 


          Surprises!                         Looking for stickers                       Prize winners                  Networking and food        


The festivities continued after the official ceremonies as the guests got to network with others in attendance while they were treated to a wonderful spread of edibles.It is safe to say the principals who attended this event share Claire Paulse’s sentiment, of St Joseph Special School who received both an attendance recognition award and a spot prize, who said she felt “really pampered and appreciated”. 

If you would like to attend the any of our future CoLPs, bookmark our events page where we will constantly update the dates of upcoming CoLP events.   

30 November -1, 00:00