Technology advances school

While some may argue that the growth of technological advancements has negatively influenced the social interactions of today’s youth, social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Google+ have had the opposite effect for C.L. Willmot Primary School. If anything, these social networks have enhanced this school’s communication.

“We have discovered a new way of doing things. Sending out printed letters to parents is now a thing of the past. We’ve found a way to have direct communication with them – a way that excites and motivates both learners and parents.”

These are the words of Mornay Adams, principal of C. L Willmot Primary School.  Following his partnership with Andrew Cardoza, technical director of Mobilitrix, the school has learnt to embrace a more modern way of communicating.

In order to encourage the support of parents, Andrew compiled an informative DVD explaining the school’s involvement with the PfP4SA programme. The school now uses this DVD as a marketing tool.

“The purpose of the DVD is to share the story of C.L. Willmot and the PfP programme. In addition, the DVD is meant to allow those who don’t have internet access to view the material in the comfort of their own home,” says Andrew.

The DVD, which showcases Andrew’s partnership with C.L Willmot, can also be viewed on-line; something Mornay says has stirred much excitement amongst learners, educators and parents alike.

“Being a part of the PfP programme has been a refreshing experience,” he says. “I always thought that the principal was responsible for everything that happens at the school, but I have now come to realise that everyone has a role to play in the education process of the learners. Having Andrew as a partner has taught me to trust others to do a job – knowing full well that they are just as capable as I am to complete it. I was once an island on my own, but now I am surrounded by a supportive team who are motivated and optimistic about education!”

 “The publicity we have received from the YouTube video has been very good. We even got an invitation to appear on the SABC 2 programme, Hectic 9. There is a new excitement and optimism at the school! The learner’s eyes are shining again and so are the educators. Being a part of the PfP programme can only take us further!”

30 November -1, 00:00