Bardale Primary School Eye-Testing

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Eighty learners from Bardale Primary School, situated in Mfuleni, near Cape Town, had their eyes tested by an optometrist, free of charge.

On Monday morning, 22 July 2013, the learners were accompanied by two nurses from a Non-Governmental Organisation, Afrika Tikkun, and members of the school teaching staff as they walked to Afrika Tikkun’s Centre of Excellence.  The centre is situated in the Mfuleni community.

Afrika Tikkun is an international Non-Governmental Organisation that provides essential services to families living in township areas. Their main focus is on children and they primarily operate within the following core areas: Early Childhood Development, Child and Youth Development, Nutrition and Food Security, Primary Health Care, Family Support Services, Children with Disabilities and Enterprise and Skills Development.

All the learners at the school had their eyes tested by nurses from the NGO on a previous occasion.  The learners that went to see the optometrist are the ones who were identified as having a problem with their eye sight or the health of their eyes. Spectacles and/or eye drops will be provided to the learners that need it free of charge too.
The school Principal, Sindy Mancgoto, is very pleased with Afrika Tikkun’s involvement in the school and community and says that their involvement has a positive effect on the learners.

Link to Afrika Tikkun website: http://maafrikatikkun.myshopify.com/