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Ikage Primary

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Margaret Nthebule has been the principal of Ikage Primary School in Alexander, Johannesburg, for fifteen years and was partnered with Rapula Modibane, compliance officer at Nedbank. Margaret says that although Rapula's contribution to the school was not monetary, the skills and knowledge he imparted with them was far more valuable. "Rapula was so committed to seeing our school grow. He conducted several financial training workshops which helped our school management team which resulted in some successful fundraising ventures. He revived the professionalism within our school," Margaret said.


Left: Margaret Nthebule & Rapula Modibane


Additional Info

  • Province: Gauteng
  • School name: Ikage Primary
  • City / Town: Johannesburg
  • Suburb: Alexandra
  • District: District 9
  • Circuit: Johannesburg East
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