Cape Town Celebratory Evening 17 September 2013


Partners for Possibility, a Symphonia for South Africa initiative, held their Cape Town Celebratory Evening in Cape Town, on Tuesday 17 September 2013. The sporadic Spring rain did not stop the active citizens in Cape Town, who support the work of PfP, from attending the event, which was held at The Grove Primary School, in Claremont.

Minister of the Presidency, Trevor Manuel, was the keynote speaker at the organisation’s Celebratory Evening (albeit via a video-call from Pretoria).  Louise van Rhyn, the Director and Founder of Symphonia for South Africa, was the gracious and very enthusiastic host for the evening. Various presentations from Partners for Possibility, who have been part of the PfP Programme for more than a year, were heard and met with appreciative applause from the active citizens gathered.

Partners for Possibility shows us that change happens and that it works. Let’s make it happen”, said Minister Manuel. He also emphasised the importance of education and the importance of schools engaging with the communities, “Where schools are accountable to communities, they tend to function better.”

Minister Manuel has fully endorsed the initiative, saying, “I’d like to support the initiative and to an extent be a part of it”.

“Transform our schools into change-agents so that we can create a better South Africa for all”, said Valda Clarke, from Prudential, who is the Partner for Possibility (PfP) to Mark Engelbrecht, Principal of Heathfield High School.

Mark reflected that, “change should come from within”. The pair has been focusing on helping learners make better subject choices and to align their choices with their future goals.

“We want learners to think beyond Matric, to ask themselves,’ What do I need to achieve in my Matric year in order to achieve my goal?’” says Valda.

The school has hosted Career Workshops aimed at grade nine and grade twelve learners, in an effort to achieve this goal, and the workshops have been met with positivity and enthusiasm.

Ansonette van der Merwe, from Capespan, is the PfP to Priscilla August, the Principal of The Valley Primary School.  Ansonette said of their Partnership, that in the face of their many challenges, they always took the time to reflect on the teachings of the workshops that they attended. The pair likened their leadership journey to “Crossing Rivers and Slaying Crocodiles”.

Ansonette believes that, “Everyone has answers & solutions locked up inside...once you start exploring possibilities, it opens them up”. She goes on to say that, “We have to choose to embrace hope & focus on the task at hand”.

About the effect of PfP on their school, Priscilla said, “Our school & future schools touched by Partners for Possibility will be open doors of hope for all willing to cross the threshold”.

Partners for Possibility was born as a response to the third Dinokeng Scenario: Walking Together. This scenario is a call to active citizenship, calling all sectors of society to join hands to bring about positive change in our country.

Bob Head, who works for SARS and is the mastermind behind the Dinokeng Scenarios, was also in attendance and rounded off the presentations.  “I wanted people to get up & do something, to stop complaining”, said Bob about the inspiration for the Dinokeng Scenarios.

The evening was a brilliant showcase of the workings of the Partners for Possibility initiative with each speaker fully engaging and inspiring the audience as they shared their PfP experiences. As Andrew Cardoza, one of the PfPs who spoke on the evening said, “PfP made me believe that there is a hero inside every one of us.”


If you would like to get involved in the Partners for Possibility initiative, please visit our website: or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via 021 913 3507.

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