Durban hosts its first ever School Leadership Forum

Following the Success of School Leadership Forums (SLF) in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Durban kicked off its inaugural SLF session, entitled “Creating a culture of reading” in Umhlanga Ridge on 26 July2018.


The session, which is open to principals, teachers, school governing body members and members of the school management team, explored the widespread, pertinent challenge of low literacy levels among South African children, and how the creation of a culture of reading can help to overcome this impediment to learning.

Guest speakers Smangele Mathebula and Eugene Riviers, who hail from literacy organisations help2read and Nal’ibali respectively, presented from the premise that a well-established culture of reading can be a real game-changer for education in South Africa. The organisations acknowledge that literacy skills are a strong predictor of future academic success in all subjects – and children who regularly read and hear engaging stories in languages they understand, are well equipped and motivated to learn to read and write.

SLF, formerly known as Community of Learning Principals (CoLP), aims to reignite leadership qualities in all principals and provide them with an opportunity to receive input on education-related matters in a professional environment. It also creates an excellent networking opportunity when large groups of Principals interact with each other, community organisations and other business leaders.

Now in its sixth year, the forum consists of a series of 6-weekly talks and panel discussions on various school-related issues. After the sessions, school leaders are often able to immediately implement practical solutions to challenges they face in their schools and communities.

The SLF concept has evolved through a partnership with Symphonia for South Africa, the University of the Western Cape (UWC), the University of Johannesburg (UJ) and MySchool, with support from the South African Principals Association (SAPA).

Nationally, the attendance at SLF events has increased steadily, with a wide audience able to access the recorded sessions on social media platform YouTube. It is hoped that with the introduction of these empowering sessions in the Durban region, an even larger number of integral school leaders will be able to benefit from the sessions.

30 November -1, 00:00