Executives back to school: Your chance to live the experience of a school principal

PfP will host its inaugural Executives Back to School (and the Principal’s Office) for a day event in Johannesburg this year.

This immersive leadership development experience, powered by Sphere Holdings and in collaboration with New York City’s Pencil NPC 'Principal for a Day' event, hopes to attract courageous, conscious leaders who care about education in South Africa. The experience aims to provide leaders with an opportunity to gain insight into the issues in education first hand by allowing them to experience and sense the daily realities faced by their counterparts in the South African education system.

As part of the offer of this unmissable experience, PfP has called on leaders to participate in a three-hour preparation session 2-3 weeks before the visit to the chosen school. Participants are also urged to read the Art of Possibility and Partners for Possibility books, and watch the South Africa: Alive with Possibility video, which will be gifted to them on their commitment to participation.

The school visit will take place during normal school hours, and participants will have the opportunity to spend at least four hours experiencing the realities within the school, and engaging with the Principal, staff and learners.  Thereafter, participants are encouraged to join the facilitated debrief session, which presents an opportunity to reflect and make sense of the experience.

Following the school visit, business leaders are encouraged to consider hosting their principal at their offices to share their experience with their work colleagues.

The event will culminate in a Celebration Cocktail event, where the executives, the principals and their spouses will have an opportunity to share their stories of their “Day in the Principal’s Office”, and enjoy an evening in the company of leaders from sectors that they are not commonly exposed to. Gauteng MEC for education Panyaza Lesufi will be sharing his thoughts on the event with participants, alongside other inspiring speakers.

For the purposes of feedback, leaders are encouraged to share their thoughts and key take-ways within their respective executive networks. The Symphonia for South Africa team will also be available to discuss the experience, as well as the potential for further involvement with schools through programmes such as PfP.

A suggested contribution of R8,000 per business leader is recommended to cover the direct costs associated with the event, allow for a “gratitude gift” for participating schools, and to raise funds for the work of Symphonia for South Africa NPC. Section 18A certificates will be issued for contributions. Should the experience allow for further opportunities for business leaders to support the schools they have visited, this would be truly in line with our ethos of “The Art of Possibility”.

Please express your intention to get involved by writing to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dates for the different segments of the experience:Dates for the different segments of the experience:

 Preparation for school visit    Wednesday, 26 Sept 2018  
Visit school and de-briefing session  Wednesday, 24 Oct 2018
Feedback and wrap-up event    Thursday, 25 Oct 2018



30 November -1, 00:00