Literacy programme aimed at teens and young adults to collaborate with PfP

The FunDza Literacy Trust, which aims to popularise reading, is to offer PfP high schools an unmissable opportunity to improve literacy levels through the promotion of reading for pleasure among its learners.

In a country where the abysmal literacy rates among 10 year olds has been widely publicised, the established NGO has advocated that the benefit of literacy programmes, with a specific focus on English language comprehension skills, should be extended to the teenage and young adult population – an age group in dire need of attention in this respect. The organisation firmly believes that the more young people read, the quicker they acquire mastery of language, and gain the valuable life skills taught through stories.

The literacy trust, which makes use of both books and mobile technology to reach as many young South Africans as possible, runs three programmes to deliver on its core purpose. Its proposal to PfP would see a host of PfP secondary schools being invited to join the ‘FunDza Family’ network.

This programme will provide PfP teacher, librarian, principal or business leader beneficiaries an opportunity to attend three interactive workshops centred on encouraging reading for pleasure and meaning, and a demonstration of the online mobi site’s curriculum-based material.

In addition to this, beneficiary PfP schools will receive a 20% discount on FunDza books aimed at secondary school learners, and customised online English courses and a range of workshops options on related topics.

PfP believes that FunDza’s work is aligned with the PfP purpose, as the trust’s home grown, high quality reading material is produced specifically for South Africans. Its positioning as a social enterprise allows it to create and implement innovative, sustainable programmes with a strong social purpose – a purpose the PfP programme energetically epitomises. Notably, the literacy trust’s ability to reach remote areas through the online mobi site provides PfP with a partner in the outlying areas it intends to launch new leadership circles in.

FunDza’s work has seen it garner numerous accolades, including the prestigious UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy in 2017, and the Joy of Reading Award. It was also a gold winner at the Impumelelo Social Innovation Awards.

30 November -1, 00:00