Ntsako adopts Louise

Ntsako (right) and friends

The positive effects of the Partners for Possibility Programme are not only felt by Principals and their Partners, or even just the school staff. It affects the learners too. Sometimes on a very personal level, as the excerpt below, about Louise Brits, Partner for Possibility to Principal, Ruth Mashaba, of Tlakukani Primary School wonderfully illustrates:

“This is Louise Brits' story of how a girl touched her heart deeply.

One day there was a moment of gravity when Louise decided to attend a Symphonia for South Africa briefing session about the Partners for Possibility Programme. She had always known that her purpose on this earth included peeking into the delight that children bring us.

Louise followed her calling and joined the Partners for Possibility Programme. She was gifted with the opportunity to be involved with Tlakukani Primary School in Mamelodi where she met her friend, her sister-fairy-princess in a world of Possibility, Ruth Mashaba.

Louise felt like the fairy godmother every time she had the privilege of visiting the enchanted village that is Tlakukani. She told the children that a magical book was being written about these enchanted villages and fairy godmothers / godfathers who visit them, and the children who make the magic in these villages happen.  The children’s faces lit up and they all wanted to be part of the story.

This is how the moment presented itself to empower these magicical fairies to write their stories themselves. Louise asked the fairy children to share their stories with the world, through this book and other paths of Possibility… their stories about their magic village, their families and what it means to have a fairy godmother/godfather.”


One of the school children, a little girl by the name of Ntsako, presented her story to Louise, “I read her story as one of hope, love and inspiration”, Louise said. In her story, Ntsako said, “The first time we saw you, we wished that you could be our mother...We love you very very very much.”

Ntsako has adopted Louise Brits as her mother because her biological mother has passed away. Louise views the opportunity to be a part of this special girl’s life, as a gift and says that, “Seeing how much her love means to this girl, fills her soul with deep contentment.”

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