Partnering for future possibilities: Mediclinic supports career development in Cloetesville

During August, Mediclinic Southern Africa hosted a two-day career exhibition at Cloetesville High School in Stellenbosch to showcase the broad range of careers within Mediclinic that are open to students.

‘People assume that Mediclinic only employs nurses or doctors, and that there are limited career opportunities available within our organisation,’ says Greg van Wyk, Chief Human Resources Officer for Mediclinic Southern Africa.

 ‘We had almost 30 different careers being showcased by our staff, from interior design through to ICT, from finance to copy writing. We aimed to offer the students insight into a broad range of careers and educate them on the requirements to study further. With luck we might have the opportunity to employ them within our organisation later down the line.’

Deon Myburgh, Mediclinic’s ICT Operations Manager and PfP business partner to Principal of Cloetesville High, Dorian Meyer, explains the rationale for participating.

‘Mediclinic is an employer of choice and we have seven training centres across the country. We truly believe that we need to contribute to the development of the next generation of healthcare workers for the country and, in addition, it is our responsibility to inspire the youth of today, showing them the many possibilities that they might never have been exposed to.’

Over the last five years, Mediclinic has enrolled more than 4,000 students in their training facilities, equipping new nurses and paramedics to support their families while providing a key service to the community.

‘This career exhibition is a simple tool for Mediclinic to inspire the students of Cloetesville High School to expand their ambitions, encourage them to seek out a career in a field that interests them and to give them positive incentive to remain in school and achieve their matric. We have been informed that fewer than 5% of Cloetesville students pursue studies after matric and we would like to grow that number through informed choices,’ van Wyk explains.

In addition to initiating a career day, Mediclinic is working alongside the management of the school to address areas of concern, such as security and basic services, where either the organisation or its partnering suppliers can alleviate some of the needs.

 ‘It is about building relationships with teachers and staff – being involved in a community in which many of our staff members live,’ stresses Myburgh.

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