Partners for Possibility partner school gains financial literacy skills with XHUMA

Partners for Possibility teamed up with XHUMA to bring financial literacy programme, the SIMagination Challenge, to pupils at Beacon Hill Secondary in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town.


Partners for possibility


XHUMA is a social project with the goal of improving the lives of children by teaching them financial literacy. It is run by Masters in Strategy and International Management students from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. The XHUMA team, a culturally diverse group of students from across Europe, arrived in South Africa in February 2020 and delivered gamified, interactive finance workshops to the Grade 8 and 9 learners of Beacon Hill Secondary over the course of five days.

“The concept of collaboration is at the heart of Symphonia for South Africa’s work to radically transform education in South Africa. We believe that the South African education crisis requires a multi-faceted, partnership approach, and the development of multiple strategic eco-systems,” noted Dorcas Dube, National Marketing and Communications Manager of Symphonia for South Africa. Partners for Possibilty was therefore delighted to again partner with XHUMA in 2020 - four years ago, a different Partners for Possibilty partner school, Blue Eagle Secondary, benefitted from the dynamic XHUMA team’s expertise.

The XHUMA team this year taught the students the fundamental tenants of financial literacy through an interactive, entertaining but hugely impactful ‘Money Game’. The game has been carefully devised to introduce several concepts of financial literacy such as income, expenses, the three types of investments one can make, saving, spending money on 'fun stuff,' as well as managing money through preparing transaction sheets. As with any social change project, the impact it has on its beneficiaries is of the utmost importance. ‘’We measure the impact of these workshops by roughly assessing participation by numbers, real-life implementation and whether the children share what they’ve learnt with friends, family and their community. However, we know that the real, long-term impact can only be seen down the line in five to ten years,’’ Giulia Conte, XHUMA’s vibrant Team Coordinator, explained.

An aim of the XHUMA team is to create further sustainable scalability by developing relationships with universities in the area, and whilst the weather was too hot for our European counterparts, they had nothing but praise for South Africa. “We love South Africa. We love the food and the people are kind,” enthused Conte. Partners for Possibilty is honoured to have partnered with the 2020 “Xhumites” as their work at one of the PfP partner schools further strengthened the shared responsibility of putting the school at the centre of community development.

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