PfP programme wins another international award

Partners for Possibility (PfP), the flagship programme of Symphonia for South Africa (SSA), has earned further global recognition for innovation and social impact – this time as winner of the Social Enterprise Mark’s annual Making a Markcompetition.

The announcement was made on 6 June at the UK-based Social Enterprise Mark’s 2018 Conference in York, where PfP was one of five finalists for the Making a Mark competition. The award was accepted by a delighted Dr Louise van Rhyn, PfP Founder and CEO of SSA, who was the opening keynote speaker of the conference where the theme was #SpreadingTheWealth.

“Our programme provides much-needed support and capacity building for school principals who have received little or no preparation for the challenging task of managing a complex organisation with limited resources amidst crippling social challenges, such as poverty, child-headed households, drug abuse and gangsterism,” said Dr van Rhyn.

“Aside from supporting principals and partnering them with a business leader who works and learns as an equal alongside them, the programme also creates fertile ground for further interventions and support from business and social change organisations,” she added.

Melanie Burke, Chairperson of SSA, noted:

“In addition to this latest international recognition of PfP, the programme’s innovative concept of partnering with the business community to capacitate and support school principals in under-resourced communities has attracted wide acclaim. The global platform named PfP as one of its Top International Leadership Providers in 2016 and 2017, while in 2018 Geneva-based NGO Adviser ranked Symphonia for South Africa as one of the top 100 NGOs in the world for the impact of the PfP programme.”

The Social Enterprise Mark is the only international accreditation scheme that assesses the impact of social enterprises, and SSA is the only holder of the Mark on the African continent.

The Making a Mark competition, now in its third year, celebrates the vital role that accredited social enterprises are playing, and their often life-changing impact, in local communities and wider society. This year’s five finalists reflect the diverse spectrum of work being done by social enterprises to address various societal needs. PfP was the only finalist from outside the United Kingdom. The voting process allowed for considerable public participation, with the public vote accounting for 50% of the final result.

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