Ray Sher Birthday Donation

Ray Sher, one of our Learning Process Facilitators (LPF), recently celebrated his 80th birthday. This was a birthday with a difference as Ray decided that he did not want any gifts, he wanted to raise funds for Symphonia for South Africa.

The party was on the 10th of August 2013 and all proceeds raised will go to the “Learning the Art of Community Building” workshops specifically.
 “From my perspective, that is where the greatest need is, in our communities,” says Ray.

The “Learning the Art of Community Building” workshops are aimed at mobilising active citizenship across all sectors of society. They are based on Peter Block’s Six Conversations for Building Community.

 Ray was able to raise R11 000 and this will enable 10 people in the Johannesburg area to attend the workshops.

30 November -1, 00:00