SABPP endorses PfP programme

The September issue of the HR Voice, a publication distributed by the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP), has seen the PfP programme stipulated as an approved and accredited programme that supports learning and development. 

As a world-respected HR professional body, leading the way with people practices standards, professional competence and active citizenry, the SABPP aims to give a credible voice to the HR Profession and add value by contributing to the sustainability of organisations.

This endorsement by the SABPP means that the PfP programme fulfils the HR body’s key objectives of quality assurance, clear standards of governance and professionalism in human resource management and people practices in the workplace. It also points to the sustainable nature of the Partners for Possibility programme, and its delivery organisation Symphonia for South Africa.

This yet another welcome validation of South Africa’s very own education innovation – an innovation that has seen more than 670,000 children benefit from support given to adults in more than 850 schools since its inception.

Earlier this year, PfP and the SABPP co-hosted inspiring breakfast sessions where leadership standards were discussed.

At these sessions, which were held in Port Elizabeth and Durban, the PfP programme was showcased as an example of leadership standard in practice, and how this benefits schools and their wider communities. The feel-good stories of various PfP stakeholders were also shared.

It is hoped that this latest endorsement will serve as a source of inspiration and motivation to all those dedicated to keeping the PfP magic alive through their commitment to a better future for all South Africa’s children.

Read the September issue of HR Voice here:

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