The Bookery partners with PfP

Partners for Possibility have joined forces with The Bookery to install libraries in our under-resourced schools. Schools will be provided with a complete library, books that have been covered and catalogued and if necessary, a building and shelving to accommodate the library.

Sue Farrell, of The Bookery, approached PfP to work together and a wonderful partnership has ensued.  The partnership is open-ended with PfP but will last for one year with a specific school.  According to Stephanie Dawson-Cosser, who is one of our Learning Process Facilitators (LPF), teachers will also be trained in librarian skills and provided with mentoring to ensure that the library is being used properly.

The partnership commenced during October 2013 and is ongoing. The Bookery is a Cape Town based organisation and their vision is for every school in South Africa to have a fully-stocked, operational library.


Learn more about The Bookery and the work this amazing organisation is doing here


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