Thought leaders to debate ethics in schools

The Ethics Institute, in conjunction with PfP, will be hosting a workshop to robustly discuss ethical issues arising in South African schools.

The workshop, which will take place on 7 August 2018 at the Oude Molen Academy of Science and Technology in Pinelands, Cape Town, seeks to explore the notion of ‘schools as moral communities’, and the steps required to make this a reality.

As an independent public benefit institute producing original thought leadership, the Ethics Institute holds the conviction that a sound ethical value system is a critical part of the formula at work in well-performing schools.

The one-day workshop aims to create in depth discourse around securing leadership commitment to running schools as moral communities, building consensus around ethical values and standards across leadership structures at different levels in schools, and ensuring that all constituencies of the school community are ethically aware and motivated to be responsible members of the school as a moral community.

Based in the capital, Pretoria, the Ethics Institute is committed to stimulating and advancing awareness of ethics in South Africa, as well other countries on the African continent. The globally recognised thought leader provides comprehensive organisation ethics-related solutions through training, advisory services, assessments, audit services and products.

The significant emphasis on the creation of sound, ethical leadership in schools and the placement of the school at the centre of the community no doubt forms part of the PfP programme’s bedrock. The ideas emanating from this workshop will most certainly serve to challenge the concept of the school as merely a knowledge-producing factory, and further entrench the ideal that every school should be, first and foremost, a moral community.

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