We are stronger together

This is the second year that Symphonia for South Africa has been awarded the opportunity to manage Global Outdoor Classroom Day in South Africa. The day offers schools with children from 2 to 18 the opportunity to sign-up and commit to having their lessons outdoors on two dates each year. One in May and the other in November.

We would like to thank the Principals, educators and parents of the 87 500 children who participated on the 7th November. The photographs and videos shared from around the country portrayed children having fun, laughing, learning and connecting.

This year we added another layer to our process where we encouraged the Partners for Possibility, Learning Process facilitators (LPF’s) to lead the movement in their area of the country.  It was wonderful to see the engagement with local media and business being added into the mix. The kinds of activities created were fun and a wonderful way to learn new skills. Here is a comment from Melody Tomlinson, the LPF in Nelspruit:

As an LPF I find this to be the one event where I can really get involved and show my enthusiasm, commitment and energy. I can develop my leadership skills and feel that I really grew from last year’s ODC Day. I find it to be a joyful occasion for all but also see it as a real opportunity to put a stake in the ground, showing some real action and the value PFP brings to the schools. By involving the entire staff compliment as well as external stakeholders from business they start buying in, getting onboard and becoming more involved. It truly is a day of shining eyes for all. I think it is a game changer for a circle.

These campaigns challenge us as communities to help bring awareness of the importance of being outdoors and that learning takes many forms and brings a sense of community and social cohesion through the process. We truly are “stronger together”

I am mindful when I watch the visuals being shared of our wonderful diversity. The visuals shared across the world, display the cultures and different way in which play is interpreted. It shows up in the schools that are blessed with many resources and the creative way in which an under-resourced school can create learning for children outdoors.

Each year, the collective surveys from around the world, result in a research document. The following statement from the Muddy Hands Report:           

Getting outdoors connects us to the places we love and the environments we will want to protect.

Time spent outdoor boosts mental health

Our children are our future. We want to produce healthy, happy children who become adults who will understand why we need to protect our environment and save our planet.

Thank you for helping us to ensure that our campaign was a success and that working together across the world, we better understand what needs to happen to improve the lives of our children and our planet.

The MAY date for 2020 is 21st May. Please go to www.outdoorclassroomday.co.za to register and sign up to be involved next year.

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