Combined Career Day met with Success

Steenberg High, Heathfield High and Lavender Hill High recently hosted a combined Career Event on Saturday 2 March 2013 at Steenberg High. With a focus on Grade 9 learners - as they have to make subject choices - and Grade 12’s who are making career choices, the event was met with success in the community.

A task team - consisting of teachers and principals from the 3 participating schools and business leaders – set out to create a Career Event with a very clear focus on entrepreneurship and business. One of the aims, achieved with this event, was to contact potential participants, especially the business owners in the area, to exhibit at the event.
“The most important aspect for me was the thrust that this type of presentation was meant for – entrepreneurship and business ownership – the most exciting thing was the response of so many kids.”  Mark Engelbrecht (Principal, Heathfield High)
The layout of the seating was conducive for small group discussions affording everyone the opportunity to speak directly to the business owner/professional.  In this way, the entire group could also benefit from the Q&A. 
After a motivational talk/presentation by Sakeena Elloker which had all the learners engrossed, the Heathfield High School Band got the feet tapping and the hands clapping.
“The vibe was wonderful and the Heathfield High Jazz Band was superb,” said Veronica Wantenaar
Andre Kraak, Principal of Steenberg High, estimates that about 300 Learners attended the Career Event, “which is a good indication of the need that exists in the community for events of this nature,” he adds.
Valda Clarke, Partner for Possibility to Mark Engelbrecht, who was also part of the task team for this event, added “The entire event was a highlight for me.  There were so many interested learners.  The presenters were all so enthusiastic and passionate about what they were doing.  They wanted to be there.  They want to add value.” 
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