Good Values at Makgatho Primary

Makgatho Primary School, in the Tshwane region, has recently set about to instil good values and morals in their learners. Principal, Jane Tsharane, says that this is because many of the learners fail to acknowledge that they have bad habits.  “We also wanted to come up with a way of helping the learners to acknowledge and own up,” says Jane.

She says that the learners will benefit from this by “accepting and starting to realise that they need to make some positive changes.”

“They (the learners) get committed to own problem solving and thinking more about the problem.”

Jane believes that the learners’ bad habits will decrease and that they will gain a better understanding of their bad habits. She has noted that most learners have started taking responsibility and participating in team problem solving. This initiative has been met with a positive attitude by the learners.

30 November -1, 00:00