Lynedoch Primary Pottery Classes


Lynedoch Primary School has recently started implementing extra-mural activities for the learners at the school. The activities take place every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Amongst these activities are Pottery Classes that commenced in July 2013. The classes are presented by Jimmy Dathini who is a potter from Khayamandi Township, in Stellenbosch.

Jimmy was specifically approached to be a part of the project because he is an entrepreneur that is trying to make a living from his talent and craft. The learners are thus taught entrepreneurial skills at the pottery classes too. In addition, they are afforded the opportunity to interact with a different culture when they visit Jimmy’s studio in Khayamandi.

“We wanted him to teach the children not only the skills to make a variety of pottery items but to inspire them to make items that they can sell to make pocket money” , says Principal, Grantham Jansen and his PfP, Irma Albers.

The pottery classes are aimed at Grade 4 learners as the school would like to have a few years to examine and monitor the effects of long-term interventions which concentrate on creativity. The school will implement other creative interventions where children can use their hands to craft usable items in the near future.

Grantham and Irma say that, “These items will be sold at the annual school bazaar as part of the school’s entrepreneurship programme whereby children can not only showcase their talent but they learn about commitment, responsibility and the value of money.”

Other extra-mural activities that have been implemented include drama, cycling, karate, mini cricket, soccer, rugby, golf and cross country. Arts and crafts and music activities are also going to be introduced. The extra-mural activities are facilitated by teachers, volunteers and professional facilitators.

The current extra-mural activities also include Drama Therapy Interventions for vulnerable youth that helps individual learners to deal with difficult challenges that they may be facing. The extra-mural activities keep learners occupied with fun, educational, activities in a safe environment. These activities also equip learners with many necessary life skills and expose them to aspects of life that they may otherwise not have been exposed to.

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