Never too old for ABC's


Veronica Myburgh is adored by all the pupils at Kannemeyer Primary School.
Completing 12 years of education is hard work, but for a 65-year-old grandmother from Grassy Park, completing Grade 1 is a milestone she aims to achieve this year. 
Veronica Myburgh is in the process of completing her Grade 1 year at Kannemeyer Primary School and aims to continue until she reaches Grade 4.
She has never read a book in her life, nor has she been able to help her children with their homework when they were young.
“I had no education because my mother kept me out of school. She wanted me to look after my younger sister. Even the teachers asked me why I was not in school all the time, and I cried in class because I was not at the same level as those who attended class every day,” Myburgh says.
She also never got her driver’s license. “In earlier (years) it was not necessary for a woman to get a driver’s license, so I never completed any exams or tests.”
Myburgh was a domestic worker since the age of 14. “I used to eat with the family at their dinner table. They taught me confirmation and bought me clothes. Still I was not able to read or write.”
She would walk her grandchildren to Kannemeyer Primary each morning. Myburgh spoke to a parent about the fact that she was unable to learn to read or write.
Kannemeyer Primary Grade 1 teacher Zuconie Cupido overheard Myburgh’s conversation and approached her. “I told her I will teach her the alphabet and how to spell and write her name. She is slowly getting there,” says Cupido. 
Myburgh has already mastered the alphabet and how to spell different words. For the past two years, she has also been assisting some of the pupils in the class.
“These pupils are wonderful to work with,” Myburgh says. “I used to sit at home not having anything to do. Now I have a purpose. I can help my grandchildren and I have become part of something bigger.”
She is proud that she is learning how to read and write. “I still struggle sometimes, but am able to write my own name and I am helping others.”
The granny has also inspired her children to academic achievements. Her eldest son, Walter (37), completed matric in 2012 at Steenberg High School. And her youngest daughter, Alexa (31), is pursuing the equivalent of her matric certificate.
By Tina Burger for People's Post Grassy Park. 
30 November -1, 00:00