PfP Launch at Rogz


The Partners for Possibility initiative has launched another Leadership Circle in Cape Town. To celebrate this, Irené Raubenheimer (Rogz), Partner for Possibility to Sabelo Makubalo (Principal of Sophakama Primary School), hosted an event to introduce the concept of the PfP Programme to the Rogz staff on Friday, 8 June 2013.

Rogz is a pet gear manufacturer, based in Montague Gardens, Cape Town and was founded by Irené alongside Paul Fuller in 1995.

The programme kicked off with a welcome from Irené, and was followed by an address from each of the 2 Partnerships present. During his address to the factory workers, Tembi Kutu, Principal of Inkwenkwezi Secondary School, emphasised the fact that schools cannot cope in isolation, “Outside help from social workers,” he said,” NGOs and business partners is vital to the survival of the school.” The staff of Rogz responded to this statement with enthusiasm.

Sabelo Makubalo, Principal of Sophakama Primary School, placed emphasis on the prominent role that parents can play in bringing about positive change in their children’s lives. He also highlighted the fact that parents do not only have a responsibility towards their own households, but also towards the community as a whole.

Pauline de Klerk, from SALT, PfP to Tembi Kutu, explained SALT’s involvement in the Dunoon community. Together with Inkwenkwezi Secondary School, SALT is launching a ‘Finishing Strong’ initiative. This initiative aims to walk with learners from their grade 10 year until their grade 12 year. They will also be helped with applications for further studies. “Walking Together”, as postulated by the Dinokeng Scenarios, is a concept that outlines creating a vibrant Partnership between business, government and civil society. This vision is one of the main inspirations for Symphonia for South Africa.


The Rogz Staff responded to the launch in an overwhelmingly positive way-erupting into loud cheers, singing and dancing when the presentations concluded.

There was a separate presentation for the administrative staff after the factory workers were addressed. This presentation entailed a more detailed account of what Partners for Possibility is and the role that Rogz will play in this initiative. Louise Van Rhyn, founder and director of Symphonia for South Africa, was present to answer any questions from the staff.

Overall, the Partners for Possibility launch at Rogz was very successful. The event was described by Louise van Rhyn as heart-warming and inspirational. She said, “This afternoon was VERY humbling but it also made me very proud to be a part of this process.”

30 November -1, 00:00