Sophakama Benefitting From Program Launched By Premier’s Office

We are excited to confirm that Sophakama Primary was selected as one of only 8 schools in the Western Cape to participate in a new program recently launched by the Premier’s office.

The name of the program is Year Beyond and in brief, entails 5 high school graduates that will do volunteer work at our school five afternoons a week to boost literacy and numeracy amongst learners.

Meet the Year and Beyond volunteering team…   


The volunteers have been supplied with a Venue at Rogz World Headquarters every Wednesday in order for them to brainstorm and plan for the week ahead spent at each school.

A big thank you is extended to the Books and Beyond Team for driving this project and for all their efforts in enabling that this project runs smoothly.       

Another vote of thanks is due to the volunteers for participating in this wonderful initiative, Rogz and Sophakama look forward to working with you, good luck on this journey, may it be a fruitful one with many milestones. 

30 November -1, 00:00