Sophakama Strategising for Success

Following the success of the Teambuilding workshop that the teachers of Sophakama Primary School attended, they recently had two Strategic Planning Sessions. The sessions were again facilitated by Louise Hendey and the attendees were very enthusiastic!

One of the Rogz team members wrote the following report:

“Following our recent Teambuilding event with the Sophakama staff on 22 Feb, we were very pleased to be able to dedicate two afternoons to get together again as an entire team and continue to build on this positive momentum.
The objective of these two sessions were to identify and prioritize all issues needing attention and then to select the key projects that we are able to tackle at this point in time.
We were fortunate to have Louise Hendey join us again to facilitate the two sessions – aiding the team both with out of the box thinking as well as keeping on track towards an ultimate plan.

Day one was spent on brainstorming all different issues, listing them all and grouping them in some sensible order



It was evident that the list of issues requiring attention was long and that we could easily get trapped by a sense of despair due to the daunting amount of work lying ahead of us. It was agreed by all that we could clearly not dream of resolving all of these at once. We also acknowledged that this journey is bound to take time, and that the best way forward was for us to select a few projects that we felt were within our reach and for us to commit to the first steps towards change.  
We also agreed that the progress and ultimate success of these projects would be highly dependent on the passion and commitment levels of the staff involved so we made it clear that participation on these projects need to be strictly on a voluntary basis. Staff members were invited to attend day two entirely on their own discretion and it was very encouraging to see a near full staff turnout for our second day’s session !
During the second session we first selected the 4 most sensible projects to tackle at this point in time according to our available resources and then allowed all staff members to join the project which lay closest to their hearts.  We broke up into 4 passion-empowered small groups and started the process of brainstorming and fleshing out a plan on how to deal with each of these issues.




Plans were constructed with specific people responsible for it and target dates to achieve certain milestones.

In the selection of the four projects for our initial strategic plan it was decided to have a spread of projects which would vary from some that are relatively easy to start implementing and where we can expect to see practical benefits before too long, to other projects which would require a longer period of planning as well as greater amount of resources, but which would yield greater long term benefits to the learners.

The four chosen projects and teams are :

1.    Develop an Arts and Drama Department


2.    Project to significantly improve reading skills



3.    Develop a learning & teacher support programme



4.    Investigate and plan changing over the Language Of Learning and Teaching (LOLT) in Foundation phase from isiXhosa to English


Everyone left the two day session with their energy levels re-charged ; enthusiastic and filled with a new sense of hope. It is evident that the road ahead will be long and full of obstacles, yet everyone felt empowered by the fact that as teams standing and working together, we are certainly able to make a difference.

There is a clear confidence that this is merely the beginning, and that in time we will continue to build momentum and bring about notable difference in the lives of the Sophakama learners as well as the greater Dunoon community!”

30 November -1, 00:00