Teambuilding for Sophakama Staff Members

The staff of Sophakama Primary School recently attended a Teambuilding workshop at the Rogz Factory in Montague Gardens.  The co-owner of Rogz, Irené Raubenheimer is the Partner for Possibility (PfP) to the school Principal, Sabelo Makubalo. The workshop was facilitated by Louise Hendey, who is also a PfP.



Below is an extract about the day written by one of the Rogz team members:

“The workshop was held at the ROGZ premises and facilitated by Louise Hendey who effectively reconnected every teacher with their passion and calling . Twenty two staff members were present for the event and it was exciting to see them leave feeling motivated, rejuvenated and inspired.
We were very encouraged to observe the sense of unity amongst the Sophakama Team as well as their readiness and enthusiasm to start taking action to improve the conditions for their learners and the community as a whole.



With the help of Louise Hendey’s facilitation we managed to have a really productive session with a lot of positive outcomes!


We are definitely on a journey to make a difference by transforming paralysis borne out of despair into action inspired by hope.
This day will remain a milestone in our journey as this represented the start of a new era. It is evident that there is a new energy and cohesive team spirit amongst all who were present!
Our next step is to have a strategic planning session with the team to agree on the highest priorities and to come up with an action plan after which we will be ready to get the wheels rolling!”


This account is a wonderful example of the magic that can happen when we stand together to bring about positive change in our communities and schools!

30 November -1, 00:00