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Mandela Day Appeal Partners for Possibility's Mandela Day Appeal

Mandela day is almost upon us and many South Africans will, once again, donate some of their time to honour Nelson Mandela by contributing to the enhancement of our beautiful country.


Just like Mandela, we at Symphonia for South Africa believe we all have a role to play in making our collective future better. To this end, Symphonia for South Africa (SSA) calls on all segments of the population – from the NGO sector to business to government- to work together to improve education, one of South Africa’s most pressing problems.

Through our Partners for Possibility (PfP) initiative, 135 pairs of Principals and Business Leaders have thus far been partnered and together have developed their leadership skills in order to inspire teachers, engage communities, and ultimately better educate OUR learners.

The PfP Programme provides an opportunity for business and community leaders to get involved in a radical innovation to change our education system, while at the same time improving their own leadership skills. It is at the forefront of leading social change within our schools, our communities and within the entire spectrum of Corporate Social Responsibility.

30 November -1, 00:00


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