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Tygerhof Primary School Tygerhof Primary School Learners receive bursaries

Three Grade 7 learners at Tygerhof Primary School were the fortunate recipients of bursaries this year.

Jonandre Skippers was the recipient of an academic bursary, sponsored by BIDVEST. He will be attending Cedarberg High School in Citrusdal next year and all costs  that are related to his schooling -fees, textbooks, uniform etc.-will be covered provided that the conditions of the bursary are met. The bursary will last until he has matriculated.

Levern Jantjies and Edwardo Ngcenge both earned their bursaries due to their skill on the rugby field. The school (Tygerhof Primary School) is sponsoring the bursary. Both learners will attend Durbanville High School.

30 November -1, 00:00

Stoneridge Primary School Stoneridge Primary launches anonymous tip-off line

Most businesses and government departments have an SMS line for employees to report instances of fraud, theft or corruption.

A similar service is now available to all schools which will enable parents and learners to anonymously report cases of bullying, drug abuse etc.

The SMS line also serves as a communication channel between the school and parents.
Learners are usually aware of immoral behaviour long before the school management team are, but are too afraid that they will be bullied or harassed if the perpetrators were to find out that they reported it.

The anonymous tip-off line provides the perfect solution to overcome this challenge.

The application is an SMS to email facility and is housed in a secure environment whereby only the sender and intended recipient are able to read the message. The messages are converted to email without the sender’s details, which are immediately deleted.

30 November -1, 00:00

Marconi Beam Primary School Marconi Beam Primary Gets a Sports Field

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has endorsed Partners for Possibility ( and he continues to support PfP’s vision for better quality education for all children in South Africa by 2022.

The Desmond & Leah Tutu Foundation has been very involved in Marconi Beam Primary School. The school is part of the Partners for Possibility Programme. Situated in the Marconi Beam community, the school is close to the Archbishop’s residence in Milnerton.

The foundation has been actively involved in the school since the beginning of 2013 and has provided the school with the following:

•    A mobile kitchen. The kitchen was also equipped with a gas stove and pots
•    Five hundred and fifty plastic plates, spoons and cups for the learners
•    Sanitary packs from Old Mutual women for grade 6 and grade 7 girls
•    Painted the school’s external walls on Mandela Day. The paint  was also donated by the foundation
•    Negotiated on behalf of the school with the local municipality for the sports field to be handed to the school

Projects still underway include:

•    Built-in cupboards for the school’s two mobile kitchens
•    Tiling of the kitchens’ floors

About the sports field, Principal Bukelwa Plaatjies-Resha says, “This is a great achievement by the school because it has been 6-7 years that the school started negotiations with the municipality about this field”, she adds, “It was hardly a month after we involved the Desmond and Leah Tutu Foundation in the negotiations and the field was given to the school”.

The sports field is still being prepared for use and will be ready as soon as grass has been planted on the whole field. Irrigation systems have already been installed and netball poles have also been purchased and delivered to the school.

30 November -1, 00:00

Boikgantsho Primary Boikgantsho Primary School Reading Programme


The Reading Programme at Boikgantsho Primary School formally started during August 2013. It is the product of the reading programmes that have been running in the school’s classrooms.

30 November -1, 00:00

Makgatho Primary School Career Talks at Makgatho Primary

On the 16th of October 2013, Bob Head, who is the Special Advisor to the Commissioner of SARS, participated in a Career Talk at Makgatho Primary School.

Bob is the Partner for Possibility to Principal of Makgatho Primary School, Jane Tsharane. Three of his colleagues, Linda Ngotya (PA), Odette Brown (Project Manager) and Musa Mailula (web usability and research) co-presented the talk. The talk was aimed at Grade 6 and Grade 7 learners.


30 November -1, 00:00

Makgatho Primary School Good Values at Makgatho Primary

Makgatho Primary School, in the Tshwane region, has recently set about to instil good values and morals in their learners. Principal, Jane Tsharane, says that this is because many of the learners fail to acknowledge that they have bad habits.  “We also wanted to come up with a way of helping the learners to acknowledge and own up,” says Jane.

She says that the learners will benefit from this by “accepting and starting to realise that they need to make some positive changes.”

“They (the learners) get committed to own problem solving and thinking more about the problem.”

Jane believes that the learners’ bad habits will decrease and that they will gain a better understanding of their bad habits. She has noted that most learners have started taking responsibility and participating in team problem solving. This initiative has been met with a positive attitude by the learners.

30 November -1, 00:00

Inkwenkwezi Secondary School Inkwenkwezi Recycle Swop Shop

On Monday, 9 September 2013, Beyond Education launched a Recycle Swop Shop at Inkwenkwezi Secondary School, in Dunoon.

Beyond Education is a non-profit organisation that has been running a Recycle Swop Shop in the Dunoon community for the past two years. This year, the Swop Shop needed a new venue and Pauline de Klerk, PfP to Principal of Inkwenkwezi Secondary School, Tembi Kutu, suggested that the school premises would be ideal.  

“There are many educational benefits and opportunities that this project brings to the school”, says Maria van Der Westhuizen, who works for Beyond Education, “It also promotes an ethos of working towards something.”

The aim of the introductory assembly was to enthuse and educate the learners and educators about the concept of the Swop Shop. This was partially done by means of a fun drama that was presented by three drama students. The different waste streams were also explained.

Members of the community collect recyclable items such as tins and cans that are lying around in the streets and these are taken in bags to the Swop Shop. For every bag brought in, a token is received. These tokens can be redeemed for clothes, food, toiletries and school essentials.

The benefits of this initiative are thus multi-fold. Learners learn about the importance of recycling, being responsible and the value of hard work. A sense of pride is instilled in the community and community members have the opportunity to see how valuable even the smallest contribution can be.
For more information about the Recycle Swop Shop, please visit:

30 November -1, 00:00

Inkwenkwezi Secondary School Finishing Strong at Inkwenkwezi

“Finishing Strong” is an initiative that provides learners at Inkwenkwezi Secondary School, in Dunoon, with extra educational lessons, assists them with their applications to university and provides them with mentoring.

The extra educational lessons started on the third of August and are offered every second weekend. The learners are tutored by educators from schools such as Bishops, Elkanah House High School, Parklands College and various B.Ed students. The lessons are set up in such a way as to assist learners in areas that they are experiencing problems with by providing clarity through explanation and practice. No more than seven students are grouped together for tutoring.

30 November -1, 00:00

Rainbow Primary School Rainbow Primary School Cross-Cultural Workshops

Rainbow Primary School is situated in Wesbank, a township in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. The township is home to a variety of people from different cultures.

Cultural barriers at the school were identified as an inhibitor to the working relationships of educators. The school thus hosted workshops to address these cultural differences. The workshops took place every Thursday for eight weeks during the third school term of 2013.

The objective of the workshops was to build trust between educators and for staff to learn to appreciate their cultural differences.

The workshops were facilitated by trained facilitators of the Cross Cultural Conversations Programme ( The facilitators were also Sanlam employees who have a relationship with the school.  

30 November -1, 00:00

Oude Molen High School Career Expo at Oude Molen


The Principal of Oude Molen Academy of Science and Technology, Tony Marshall, wrote the following piece about the inspiration for a Career Expo at the High School and his experiences on the day:

“Ever since Valda Clarke’s decision to have a down-to-earth Careers Expo at Steenberg High School last year, I have been jealous.  This jealousy is not of the cardinal sin variety.  Rather it was an inspiration to ask Valda and Veronica and latterly Kariba to help Oude Molen and Environs to offer the same in the Northern reaches of our Team.  They agreed.

We set about roping people in to do a presentation and be available to talk to all in attendance– chiefly Grade 9 and Grade 11 learners and their parents. The idea was to do an expo at Heathfield High School on 7 September 2013 and one at Oude Molen Academy of Science and Technology on 14 September 2013.

We made an appeal to people we know or could cold call in 5 different career categories:  Vocational; Technical; Artistic; Commercial & Retail; Scientific; Civil Society.

I approached the Principals of the following high schools:  Pinelands, Vista Nova, Buren, Salt River, Maitland, Kensington and Windermere.

The expo was opened by the ward councilor, Alderman Brian Watkyns, who was quite enthusiastic about the expo idea and spent some time answering questions about a career in local politics.

However, the turnout was not as great as we expected it to be.  This was applicable to both the presenters and the learners.  Amongst other things, we were perhaps too optimistic given that the vast majority of learners at these schools are commuters. They would have had to make a special effort to commute to Oude Molen on a dreary, cold and wet winter’s day when the All Blacks were playing the Springboks!

Despite this, there were some very successful presentations. Chief among these were the Electronics and IT presentation by Stephan Roux, the presentation by eCAPS regarding careers in the Telecommunications Centre Sector, and Pick n Pay’s Retail Sector.  We owe them a debt of gratitude for their civic mindedness!

Thanks must go to the Oude Molen Academy of Science and Technology’s Student Governing Body for supplying the venue, refreshments and the printing of invitations.  A special thanks also to Valda, Veronica and Kariba for their tireless support!”

Tony Marshall

30 November -1, 00:00


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