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Symphonia for South Africa (SSA) is a national non-profit organisation, with the bold vision of Leadership that builds a better future for ALL.

We develop conscious leadership that builds social cohesion, uplifts communities and works towards achieving a just society.

Our mission is to:

  • Utilise innovative leadership development models to develop leaders who can catalyse positive change in their communities and broader society
  • Facilitate cross-sectoral collaboration to strengthen connections and partnerships across boundaries
  • Create opportunities for active citizenship
  • Engage with key public sectors with Education being an important focus area



Symphonia for South Africa offers a variety of programmes and workshops that work towards social cohesion and large-scale social change in South Africa. We ignite a national debate on the way active citizens contribute to the education of all children. We create opportunities for individuals to become active citizens and to contribute to a better South Africa for all. Through Partners for Possibility (PfP); the School Leadership Forum (SLF) programme and Community Building workshops, we promote and facilitate leadership development opportunities for business leaders, school principals and their school management teams.

The PfP programme is our flagship initiative and, since 2010, it has been implemented in 1,557 schools across all nine provinces impacting 38,925 teachers and more than 1,245,600 learners. PfP is a 12-month leadership support and development process that connects principals from schools in under-served communities with business leaders in a co-learning partnership. PfP has been recognised both locally and internationally for its innovative approach to leadership development.

Looking ahead, we hope to

  • Deepen our impact in education
  • Increase leadership development and support within the education ecosystem
  • Increase collaboration with education actors
  • Broaden impact in communities
  • Develop leadership development interventions for other public institutions and community structures



Symphonia for South Africa is inviting proposals for the delivery of fundraising services by  suitably qualified and experienced service providers, with requisite track record and networks.



  • Increase in South African corporate and individual donors and sponsors for the organisation’s programmes
  • Break ground for funding from international donors
  • Secure both programmatic and sustainability funding to support organisational development for the next five years.
  • Lead efforts to secure the programmes and operations organisational budget required per year



Utilising the existing organisational funding strategy, contribute to funding and financing solutions considering the mandate of Symphonia for South Africa.

  • Successful company will present the fundraising action plan, to SSA leadership team for comment and approval.
  • Determine realistic fundraising goals and actions for the proposed fundraising plan
  • Facilitate funding related engagements between Symphonia for South Africa and potential investors, funders and donors
  • Provide monthly updates on progress, including formal quarterly reviews
  • Develop funding proposals in accordance with criteria and requirements of potential funders in consultation with Symphonia for South Africa’s assigned teams



The Fundraising Service Provider is expected to deliver the following:

  • Develop and submit a Fundraising Action Plan including recommended donors and anticipated funding amounts to be raised.
  • Achieve a funding target of at least R10-20 million  received by SSA within 12 months
  • Develop and submit Partnership agreements and MOUs with entities or partners who have an interest in activities and mandate of the organisation, and who can invest in the sustainability of the organisational operations; all agreements and MOUs will be held by SSA



The service provider must outline the deliverables and associated timelines to achieve the required funding target within 12 months.



The service provider should provide the following items as part of the proposal consideration:



  • Provide an executive summary which describes the services that will be provided and how the provider will address the needs, and objectives and requirements outlined in the scope of work/services
  • This response should include a detailed description of the approach or plan to be used. The detailed plan shall focus on the methodology used for management and execution of the required services. The plan should demonstrate an overall understanding of the scope of work to be performed and will be judged on clarity, comprehensiveness and presentation of materials in a thorough, concise format
  • Demonstrate understanding of the organisation and beneficiary communities; and an ability to interpret this understanding and knowledge into effective fundraising communications to the donor agencies
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the national and international donor and grant market in the education sector with preference to our programming
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the key stakeholders in the education market in South Africa, the NDP 2030, BBBEEE benefits and applicable unique selling points.



As part of this proposal, the service provider is to include their cost structure and payment expectations for a 12-month period.



The Service Provider is requested to include the following additional information in this submission:

  • Description of experience and success in raising different sources of funding including grant funding, donations, Equity and Special Purpose Vehicle and any other funds for programme- and operational sustainability
  • Provide a schedule of the past and current successful similar fundraising services. Experience in raising funds from international donors, trusts and foundations or grants will be an added advantage
  • CV’s of the key people in the organisation, particularly the Funding raising  team with a level of effort expected to be devoted to the projects and in what roles
  • Client List of organisations currently being supported (with consent to share) to include date and description of service, terms of agreement, organisation’s name and contact person, title, email- address and telephone number.
  • Contactable personal and professional references with email and telephone number.



Clarification or questions pertaining to this RFP, should be directed to the email address:

Every endeavour will be made to respond within 72 hours to the enquiries.



The Proposal should be sent to the following email address: by no later than 10th December 2021



Following an internal review process of all submissions received from interested service providers, the short listed service providers will be invited to a presentation (face to face or via zoom, COVID dependent) in January 2022. Further details will be provided directly to the relevant service providers.


The organisation’s high-level strategy is to deepen our impact in education and to broaden our leadership development support to under-resourced communities. Additional details will be shared with the short-listed service providers.

This will be discussed with the short-listed service providers.

Symphonia Leadership Development (SLD) is a separate organisation from Symphonia for South Africa (SSA). This RFP is for SSA, which is a registered NPO and PBO. PfP is SSA’s flagship programme.

The organisation’s annual budget is approximately R30 million per year.