The greatest resource that the partners have during their 12-month journey is each other.

The PfP programme helps to equip school principals with the skills they need for leading complex organisations by partnering them with people who have business skills and want to actively contribute to strengthening under-resourced schools. These ‘business partners’ work alongside principals in their schools as part of a structured 12-month leadership development process for both partners.


Unlike mentorship, which is sometimes experienced as patronage rather than partnership, the business people who join PfP become partners to principals in a reciprocal non-hierarchical co-action co-learning process. While they share knowledge and skills acquired within the business sector, business partners learn from principals about leadership in under-resourced and often volatile contexts.

A Better Africa (ABA)

Partners are provided with further resources, including books, workshop material, a PfP workbook, and being part of a learning community of other leaders.

The following books are provided to both partners when the programme is ‘launched’:

  1. More Time to Think, by Nancy Kline
  2. Flawless Consulting, by Peter Block
  3. Community Building, the Structure of Belonging, by Peter Block
  4. The Art of Possibility, by Ben & Roz Zander
  5. Partners for Possibility, by Mandy Collins


The first three books are the foundation for the three workshops that partners attend together. During the first one, Time to Think, the partners are introduced to the following concept:


‘Usually the brain that contains the problem also contains the solution – often the best one.’

  • Nany Kline


We believe that deep learning comes not just through experiences but through reflecting on experiences. We see writing as a sense-making and discovery process and sense-making as a key leadership skill.  “How do I know what I think until I read what I write?”  We, therefore, provide our partners with a journal and encourage them to capture and reflect on the journey of their learning and thinking as they move through the 12-month programme.


Their PfP journal also helps the partners to structure their work throughout the year, record their discoveries and amplify their activities and success stories in a way that is consistent with the PfP theory.

A Better Africa (ABA)

In addition to providing the resources referred to above, we have partnered with the digital networking and collaboration platform A Better Africa (ABA). This digital collaborative hub enables PfP partners to ask questions and share resources and insights gained during their year-long journey with the community of over 2,800 present and alumni PfP partners.


Resources received from this community are collated and shared on ABA, along with information and stories about PfP school-based projects and blog posts. The art of collaboration is central to the operation of this space.


You can also contact the PfP knowledge management team at or the ABA community management team at

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